Pipes and drains

Water pipe responsibility

It’s important to understand who’s responsible for fixing and replacing your water pipes, especially if something goes wrong. Find out who manages the pipework – and who to contact if you have any trouble.

Your responsibility

As the owner of your property, you’re responsible for repairing and maintaining any pipes on your property that supply water. This is for pipes running inside and outside your home. If there’s a leak on the supply pipe on your property boundary, then then repair would be your responsibility. Sometimes, your supply pipe may go out of your boundary on to someone elses land. As this supplies your home with water you would still be responsible for the repair of this part of the pipework.

If you rent your home, contact your landlord or the property owner to discuss any leaks that need repairing. Check your tenancy agreement as you may need to arrange the repair yourself.

Water/waste supplier’s responsibility
We’re responsible for the large water mains pipes in the road and the smaller communication pipes that go up to your property boundary.
We also maintain and repair any of our assets like the external stop tap and water meter if you have one. The external stop tap is usually in the footpath or road and may be sharedwith your neighbours.
If you’ve got a meter – it can be inside or outside your home, either way we would be responsible for maintaining this for you.
Sometimes your external stop tap can be on your property boundary. In this case, we look after the water pipe to the first external stop tap and the rest of the supply pipe would be managed by you.
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